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Official Name: Republic of Latvia

latvia map.jpg

Capital: Riga

Population: 2 million (20 lakhs)

3000 Freshwater lakes, 12,000 Rivers

Temperature: -10°C in Winter to 
20 °C in Summer

Latvia joined as EU member country

since 1st May, 2004

Latvia became Schengen area member

since 21st December, 2007


-The most inexpensive option for European Residency. 


-You can live and work (get a job) in Latvia with a moderate cost of living and your children entitled to European education (Free education in state  schools).


-You can start a European business. 


-It is one of the greenest countries in the world.


-Visa-free travel in Europe.


-Living in any Schengen country for 3 months in a 6 month period, is permitted. 


-Your spouse and your minor children up to age 18 will also receive a Latvian residence permit. 

-You may apply for a PR after 5 years of living in Latvia or apply for an EU Long Term Resident Permit

( which enable you to stay in any of the 28 EU country.

-TR/PR may lead to CITIZENSHIP after staying for 5 years under a PR or staying for 10 years under a TR.


-Latvia has 500 kms of coast and tons of beaches.

-Latvia is a wi-fi paradise. It has one of the world's fastest internet connections.

-Latvians drink 78 litres of beer per person, every year.

-Latvia's national game is ice hockey.

-54% of Latvia is forest. There are 4 national parks, 42 Nature parks, 260 Nature Reserves, 7 Protected Marine Areas, making it one of Europe's greenest countries.

-Latvia has converted a former prison into a hostel in Karosta, where you can opt for "a full prisoner experience" which involves full uniformed officers, verbal abuse and organized physical exercise.



-Purchase of real estate property worth €250,000 or more


(government fee €12,500 extra)

-€50,000 invested in the share capital of a existing or new company with less than 50 employees

(plus government fee of

€10,000 )



-€250,000 interest-free government bonds


(plus government fee €38,000)



-€280,000 subordinate liabilities toward a credit institution of the Republic of Latvia


(plus government fee €25,000)


-Options that you may choose when an investment of
€50,000 is made in a Latvian company suggested by us:

-PROFIT: The Latvian company guarantees the return of
€50,000 after a period of 5 years with a guaranteed yearly profit of 1.5% p.a., which means you get €53,750 at the end of 5 years.

-FREE RENEWAL: Free yearly registration of residency permit and a free renewal after 5 years. Get back €50,000 after 5 years.

-LOAN: You may avail of a loan up to €40,000 after 3 months of moving into Latvia and refund of the balance €10,000 after 5 years.

-A completed residence permit application form

-3 Photographs

-Police Clearance Certificate for all applicants above 14 years of age. 

-Bank statement of the last 3 months

-Document confirming payment of government fees

-Document confirming shares registered in the applicant's name by investing in the Latvian Company

-Health Insurance Policy

-Passport Copy of the  applicant and dependents

-CV of the applicant

-Declaration of source of funds

-Notarized and apostilled copy of the Passport.

-Marriage Certificate

-Birth Certificate

(for five years only)


Q : Will I be the owner of the company in which I invest?

A : Yes, you invest in the equity capital of the company, thus you will be shareholder of the company.

Q : Should I take part in the day to day management of the company?

A : Not required. The company shall send you annual reports

Q : Can I invest in my own company?

A : Yes you can but the annual taxes and expenses you would incur would be €40,000 every year.

Q : Within how many months does the applicant and the family members need to travel to Latvia after the resident permit has been approved?

A : 3 Months

Q : What is the period of absence allowed to qualify, after the first five years of stay in Latvia, while applying for the Latvian PR?

A : Six successive months or Ten months in total.


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