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  • EUROS 350

  • A valid Passport (Scanned Copy of First & Last Page)

  • Proof of Address in your country of residence (Drivers's Licence/First Page of Bank Statement in English/Utility Bill)

  • Proof of Employment (not applicable for retirees)

  • Portugal NIF Document

  • Tax returns (for the last 2 years) filed in your country of residence

  • Tax number from country of residence (It should be the tax number of the same country, that is written in the address field of your NIF Certificate) 

(Have a detailed one like BORDR where the link takes them to more details) 


We work with one of the largest bank in Portugal. With your account, you will have access to hundreds of ATM'S and branches throughout the country.  

What is included

A dedicated account manager

Online banking 

xxx debit cards

xxxx credit cards


Monthly Maintenance Fees : This depends on your age and your average monthly balance


The minimum deposit to open this account is 250 Euros 


Q : How long does it take to open a bank account? 

A : The average turnaround time to open a bank account is between 2-5 weeks, which is an estimate. There are certain things like bank compliance, shipping, etc. outside our control so we cannot guarantee that your bank account will be opened by a certain date. The sooner you send back the documents signed, the sooner the bank account will be opened.

Q : Which countries does M Global support for opening of the bank account service?

A : Please see the attached list XXXXXXXXXX of countries provided by the banks. 

Q : Will my bank cards, be shipped internationally?

A : Yes.

Q : Will my NIF be required to open a bank account?

A : Yes. You may order a NIF HERE XXXXXXX if you do not have a NIF

Q : Is there a minimum age for opening a bank account?

A : Minimum 18 years.

Q : Is there an extra charge if i open a joint account?

A : There is no extra charge. Please note that all the signatories should have their NIF number and document. If you do not have a NIF, you may order it here : xxxxxxxx

Q : What is the cost of this service and what does it include?

A : The cost of this service is 350 Euros per account. Our fee includes the cost of the signature certification by a law firm in Portugal. Notarization or Apostille of any document is not required. 

Q : Why would i require a bank account?

A : You may require a bank account for buying property/applying for a D7 Visa

Q : What kind of support can i expect from my Portuguese Bank Account?

A  : Your account comes with a private bank manager, who will be your single point of contact in the bank.

Q : What other services, apart from bank account opening, does M Global provide?

A : In addition to helping with your bank account opening, we can help you in getting a NIF(XXXXXX provide a link), Getting your NISS (Social Security Number) xxxxx provide a link, Register for NHR xxxxxxxxx provide a link,xxxxxxxx and type the other services that you have 

Q : Would any other documents be required other than the ones mentioned above?

A : The documents mentioned above may suffice, but there are times when the bank may additionally request separate documents based on its needs and country of employment, residence, citizenship and other reasons.  

Q : What language do i submit all my documents in?

A : All documents to be submitted should be either in English or be translated in English and certified. 


M Global is not a bank, accountant, tax/investment advisor, or law firm. M Global acts as an intermediary, facilitating the process of working with financial and legal professionals.

Please seek the advice of an attorney or financial professional on your particular situation.

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